Hello! My first-ever order arrived today. I had ordered some wood items and they are GORGEOUS! Smooth, perfectly flat!, and the woods themselves - with each one I pulled out, I just kept saying, WOW!, *WOW*!!!, over and over.  And thank you so much for the beautiful piece of East Indian Rosewood - it was described as "2nd grade" I believe, and I asked for a reddish color if possible, and I think this piece is absolutely stunning! These really exceeded my expectations! Thank you!"

 -Kris from Texas

Bridge Drill Jig OLD

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The bridge pin hole drilling jig allows you to drill accurate holes in your bridge at whatever stage you want, whether in the wood blank or in the finish sanded bridge. Holes are accurately located for 2 1/8", 2 1/4", 2 5/16" or 2 3/8" spacing. The comes with an alignment pin and an Allen wrench. The top is machined from hardened steel for long life. Hole spacing on this tool is equidistant, there is no compensation for string gauge. This tool is set up for 3/16" bridge pin holes.
LMI Bridge Hole Drill Jig Instruction
with Robert O'Brien