“I received my order today and I just wanted to tell you thanks. The wood is exactly what I wanted, absolutely beautiful, the packaging was great and I'm looking forward to buying more from you. I've purchased tonewoods from other vendors and ebay before, but even the best from them doesn't compare to the quality and value of what I bought from you. Thanks again!”

- D. E.

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Great LMI products from Manager's Specials to One-of-a-Kind merchandise.

Manager's Specials
Every so often we put regularly stocked merchandise on sale, usually because we think it's a great item — sometimes a new item and sometimes an old standby. We want to entice you to try it!

One-of-a-Kind Specials
Sometimes we make a mistake in our shop that can be turned to your advantage. These items are truly one-of-a-kind and the prices are reduced substantially over the retail price. Unless otherwise noted, one-of-a-kind products are defect free.

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SKU Product Name In Stock Each 3+  
FGHO Hot Stuff original, penetrating, 2 oz. Yes $11.03 $9.82
GDBK Bloodwood replacement buttons, 510 style
Yes $39.95 $31.56
FGX LMI Yellow Instrument Glue, 8 oz. Yes $7.95 N/A
FGHS Super T, thicker slower cure, 2 oz. Yes $11.03 $9.82
WACSJ B & S, Black Acacia, strong figure, steel string
Yes $196.88 N/A
FGX128 LMI Yellow Instrument Glue, 128 oz./1 gallon Yes $81.70 N/A
FGHSPT Special T, thick gap filling, 2 oz. Yes $12.08 N/A
WF1AST Standard fingerboard, W. African Ebony, 1st grade, 1/4" thick
Yes $18.77 N/A
WF1ASB Standard fingerboard, W. African Ebony, B grade
Yes $16.71 $14.87
WNAR2L Neck blank, Indian Rw, 2nd grade, 30" long
Yes $26.03 N/A
WACSBJ B & S, Black Acacia, subtle figure, steel string
Yes $106.88 N/A
GDMADRK Madagascar Rosewood replacement buttons, 510 style
Yes $39.95 N/A
TGS3ANS Top, German Spruce, AAA grade, classical only
Yes $152.90 N/A
WR2J Top, Redwood, 2nd grade, steel string
Yes $24.22 $21.56
FGHA Accelerator, mild, 2 oz. Yes $8.93 N/A
WEAJ Top, Engelmann Spruce, A grade, steel string
Yes $22.37 $19.91
FGHAS NCF Quick- aerosol accelerator (non-CFC) for instant glues, 6 oz. can
Yes $13.60 N/A
FGHSV Cyano Solvent, finger saver, 2 oz.
Yes $9.40 N/A
FGHT Pro Tips for FGHO, FHGB, FGHOT & FGHS, 12 tips Yes $2.05 N/A
FGXGB16 GluBot with LMI glue, 16 oz. Yes $23.30 N/A
FGXBB4 BabeBot with LMI Glue, 4 oz. Yes $9.75 N/A
WBKPHC Bridge blank, Purple Heart, classical
Yes $5.95 N/A
WBKPHC2 Bridge blank, Purple Heart, classical, 2nd grade
Yes $4.70 N/A
WF1AEE Electric fingerboard, W. African Ebony, 1st grade
Yes $20.38 N/A
WBKBLJ Bridge blank, Bloodwood, steel string
Yes $2.85 N/A
SPPG Bridge Pin Groover
Yes $20.95 N/A
WHSE Headplate, S.E. Asian Rosewood
Yes $3.09 $2.75
WHWE Headplate, Wenge
Yes $1.98 $1.76
WFMAE Mando/uke fingerboard, W. African Ebony, 1st grade
Yes $7.15 $6.35
WFMAE2 Mando/uke fingerboard, W. African Ebony, 2nd grade
Yes $5.65 $5.03
MOPTS Peghead inlay, MOP, Torch Set
Yes $20.16 N/A
WNMAH1 Neck blank, Hond. Mahogany, 31” long
Yes $88.24 N/A
WNHMHLG2 Neck blank, Hond. Mahogany, 2nd grade, 35" long
Yes $29.38 $26.15
WPRIM B & S, Primavera, steel string
Yes $42.36 N/A
FCH5BCHR Bridge, FCH 5 string bass, chrome Yes $109.95 N/A
FGH Granular hide, 15 oz./2 pints Yes $13.25 $11.79