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Great LMI products from Manager's Specials to One-of-a-Kind merchandise.

Manager's Specials
Every so often we put regularly stocked merchandise on sale, usually because we think it's a great item — sometimes a new item and sometimes an old standby. We want to entice you to try it!

One-of-a-Kind Specials
Sometimes we make a mistake in our shop that can be turned to your advantage. These items are truly one-of-a-kind and the prices are reduced substantially over the retail price. Unless otherwise noted, one-of-a-kind products are defect free.

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SKU Product Name In Stock Each 3+  
GDBK Bloodwood replacement buttons, 510 style
Yes $39.95 $31.56
WACSJ B & S, Black Acacia, strong figure, steel string
Yes $196.88 N/A
WF1AST Standard fingerboard, W. African Ebony, 1st grade, 1/4" thick
Yes $18.77 N/A
WF1ASB Standard fingerboard, W. African Ebony, B grade
Yes $16.71 $14.87
WNAR2L Neck blank, Indian Rw, 2nd grade, 30" long
Yes $26.03 N/A
WACSBJ B & S, Black Acacia, subtle figure, steel string
Yes $106.88 N/A
GDMADRK Madagascar Rosewood replacement buttons, 510 style
Yes $39.95 N/A
WR2J Top, Redwood, 2nd grade, steel string
Yes $24.22 $21.56
WEAJ Top, Engelmann Spruce, A grade, steel string
Yes $22.37 $19.91
WIJLS65 SIDES ONLY, Indian Rw, 2nd grade, steel string, .065" for laminating
Yes $23.95 N/A
WBKPHC Bridge blank, Purple Heart, classical
Yes $5.95 N/A
WBKPHC2 Bridge blank, Purple Heart, classical, 2nd grade
Yes $4.70 N/A
WF1AEE Electric fingerboard, W. African Ebony, 1st grade
Yes $20.38 N/A
WBKBLJ Bridge blank, Bloodwood, steel string
Yes $2.85 N/A
SPPG Bridge Pin Groover
Yes $20.95 N/A
WHSE Headplate, S.E. Asian Rosewood
Yes $3.09 $2.75
WHWE Headplate, Wenge
Yes $1.98 $1.76
WFMAE Mando/uke fingerboard, W. African Ebony, 1st grade
Yes $7.15 $6.35
WFMAE2 Mando/uke fingerboard, W. African Ebony, 2nd grade
Yes $5.65 $5.03
MOPTS Peghead inlay, MOP, Torch Set
Yes $20.16 N/A
FCH5BCHR Bridge, FCH 5 string bass, chrome Yes $109.95 N/A
WNMAH1 Neck blank, Hond. Mahogany, 31” long
Yes $88.24 N/A
WNHMHLG2 Neck blank, Hond. Mahogany, 2nd grade, 35" long
Yes $29.38 $26.15
WPRIM B & S, Primavera, steel string
Yes $42.36 N/A
R40T Rosette tie block inlay for R40
Yes $4.61 N/A