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Wood Veneers

VeneerWood500Veneers add a decorative touch to any instrument. Darker veneers add a distinctive contrast to light and dark woods. The flame veneers are excellent and even quite visible on edge. They also look great as a purfling line between two other dark lines or in a headplate sandwich.

On occasion, our first grade veneers are slightly damaged. They might have tears in them, or the ends might be frayed. They cannot be sold as first grade, but have a lot of usable material. These veneers are noted "2nd grade".

International Customers Save on Shipping 
If you don't need full length veneers, you can save on International shipping by purchasing them cut down to thirds – meaning they can ship in a much smaller box. An order of 1 means you get 3 veneer pieces.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each 6+  
VBW Veneer, Bloodwood, 3.375" x 35" x .023" (.6mm)
Yes $8.30 $7.40
VBWSH Veneer, Bloodwood, 3 pieces, 3.375" x 11.5" x .023" (.6mm)
No $8.30 $7.00
VEM6 Veneer, flamed Sycamore, 4.75" x 32" x .023" (.6mm)
Yes $10.65 $9.50
VEM6SH Veneer, flamed Sycamore, 3 pieces, 4.75" x 10.5" x .023" (.6mm)
No $10.65 $9.50
VRW6 Veneer, Indian Rw, 5" x 33" x .023" (.6mm)
Yes $10.65 $9.50
VRW6SH Veneer, Indian Rw, 3 pieces, 5" x 11" x .023" (.6mm)
Yes $10.65 $9.50