“I really appreciate the extra mile you guys are going to make sure your customers are satisfied. I have a degree in business and I've studied all that stuff about how companies are doing their best to keep their customer satisfied through marketing and incentives, but I can't think of another company (in any field) that makes me as satisfied as you guys do. I'm sure there are some places that sell materials here in Japan, but even with extra cost of shipping and customs fee, I prefer to buy from LMI, because I can trust LMI's service and quality of materials. No marketing and incentives can match the solid good service and I'm a very happy LMI customer.”

- I.T. Japan

Ebony, W. African tailpiece, 2nd grade, ...Gotoh open gear, nickel, black button, 4...

Nomex, 1/8" honeycomb, .080" sheet
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Nomex, 1/8" honeycomb, .080" sheet


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NOMEX Nomex, 1/8" honeycomb, .080" sheet Yes $30.70