“I just wanted drop you guys a thank you note. I ordered a khaya back/sides set and some brace wood from you folks and had it on my front porch within three days. The wood is beautiful, the price was fair, and your service is most impressive. Thanks!"

Steve - Glendora, CA

Carpathian Spruce Tops


1A Carpathian Spruce 2A Carpathian Spruce
 TCS3ASS.jpg  TCS4ASS.jpg
3A Carpathian Spruce 4A Carpathian Spruce

Picea excelsa, P. abies

“I knew when I bought the Carpathian that it had good potential.
Nice stiffness, not too heavy and an excellent tap tone.
This was confirmed on the finished guitar with wonderful resonance yet sensitivity to a light touch. An excellent topwood choice! I will definitely be using it again in the future.”

Canadian luthier Marc Beneteau

Carpathian Spruce, from Central/Eastern Europe, has a very creamy white appearance but with slightly wider grain than other European Spruces. We were the first supplier to offer this wood in the United States and it is now in use by several well-known steel string guitar builders. These tops are quite stiff and offer a slightly brighter, glassier tap tone than the other European Spruces. Many have compared it to Adirondack Spruce and some even call it ‘Carpathian Red Spruce’.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not uncommon to find some small, isolated
bits of bearclaw figure in all grades except 4A grade. If it is
essential that your soundboard be free of this, please let us know when you place your order.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
TCS3ASS Top, Carpathian Spruce, AAA grade, steel string Yes $98.93
TCS3ACL Top, Carpathian Spruce, AAA grade, classical/OM Yes $93.98
TCS3ANS Top, Carpathian Spruce, AAA grade, classical only Yes $93.98
TCS2ASS Top, Carpathian Spruce, AA grade, steel string Yes $84.09
TCS2ACL Top, Carpathian Spruce, AA grade, classical/OM Yes $79.89
TCS1ASS Top, Carpathian Spruce, A grade, steel string Yes $47.72
TCS1ACL Top, Carpathian Spruce, A grade, classical/OM No $45.34

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