“I have seldom had
experience with
a company with
such careful attention
to customer
Although I am sure
my orders are
smaller than most,
your products have
been of the highest
quality and your
responsiveness to
my special requests
have always been
treated with
respect and
My thanks to
all of your staff."

Dave S.,
Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Alpine/Italian Spruce Tops


Italian Spruce guitar by Lars Rasmussen.

Picea excelsa, P. abies

Alpine/Italian Spruce is the exact same species of wood as our German Spruce, but it comes from a different region and has slightly different attributes. It is just a bit warmer in color and the winter grain, when visible, is a bit pinker. Tonally, it is said to be more focused with a slightly stronger fundamental than regular German Spruce. For this reason it has a loyal group of devotees. We typically have a good number of higher grade tops with very tight grain and even color.

Alpine/Italian Spruce is similar to what is known as Italian Spruce, which is found in a lower elevation of the Alps. We do not carry this wood as the supply and quality is erratic.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not uncommon to find some small, isolated bits of bearclaw figure in all grades except 4A grade. If it is essential that your soundboard be free of this, please let us know when you place your order.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each 3+  
TIA3ASS Top, Alpine/Italian Spruce, AAA grade, steel string
No $156.24 N/A
TIA3ACL Top, Alpine/Italian Spruce, AAA grade, classical/OM
No $148.42 N/A
TIA2ASS Top, Alpine/Italian Spruce, AA grade, steel string
Yes $99.61 N/A
TIA2CL Top, Alpine/Italian Spruce, 2nd grade, classical/OM
No $99.67 $88.71
TIA1ASS Top, Alpine/Italian Spruce, A grade, steel string
Yes $112.88 N/A
TIA1ACL Top, Alpine/Italian Spruce, A grade, classical/OM
Yes $107.23 N/A
TIASSBCM Top, Alpine/Italian Spruce, medium bearclaw, steel string
No $132.00 N/A
TIASSBCL Top, Alpine/Italian Spruce, light bearclaw, steel string
Yes $137.59 N/A

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