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Archtop Mandolin Tops



Engelmann Spruce is a nice, light, relatively homogeneous top that makes a beautiful mandolin.

Sitka Spruce is preferred for its strength and tough elasticity— it can endure abuse to which the other soundboard materials are less immune. The color of Sitka Spruce ranges from white to pinkish to light brown. Tops can display some color variation.

Adirondack Spruce is a strong, bright wood favored by many archtop mandolin builders to help create that vintage tone – the same as with builders of Bluegrass-style dreadnought guitars.

All the archtop mandolin tops we offer are well quartered, straight grained and dry.

  • 3A (AAA): Clear color with minor grain variation.
  • 2A (AA): Minor color and/or grain variation.
  • 1A (A): Moderate color and/or grain variation.

Two pieces, bookmatched. Minimum dimensions:
5.5" x 16" x 3/4" at center / 14cm x 40.6cm x 19.0mm at center

NOTE: Due to softwood tariffs on woods coming out of Canada, it is sometimes difficult to keep mandolin tops in stock.


SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
TES3AMD Mandolin top, Engelmann Spruce, AAA grade
Yes $54.14
TES2AMD Mandolin top, Engelmann Spruce, AA grade
Yes $42.77
TGS3AMD Mandolin top, German Spruce, AAA grade
Yes $96.92