“I received my order today and I just wanted to tell you thanks. The wood is exactly what I wanted, absolutely beautiful, the packaging was great and I'm looking forward to buying more from you. I've purchased tonewoods from other vendors and ebay before, but even the best from them doesn't compare to the quality and value of what I bought from you. Thanks again!”

- D. E.

Soprano ukulele neck, pre-drilled with one hole, no heel



Pre-drilled ukulele neck, WNUKEK
If you order our pre-carved soprano ukulele neck to use in conjunction with the PL51 soprano ukulele plan, be aware of the following: The PL51 plan features a ukulele with 13.5" scale and the pre-carved neck that we offer is a 13.875" scale neck. Therefore, you will need to adjust the placement of your bridge to achieve proper intonation. Be sure that you place the bridge (and bridge plate) according to the 13.875" scale length on your uke and not according the placement shown on the plan!

The bolt-on ukulele neck is a professional quality, precision machined neck made from 1st grade, genuine Mahogany. Often ukes are held on with a simple glued butt joint, but we offer ours with a (single) bolt-on feature, as found on some higher end ukuleles. Ukuleles don't typically use a truss rod as there is not enough string tension to warrant one.

WNUKEK Dimensions:

  • Heel depth 1.875"
  • Width at the nut 1.350"
  • Width at 12th fret 1.75"
  • Slot width N/A
  • Slot Length N/A
  • Width at top of peghead 2.35"
  • Length of peghead 4.875"
  • Thickness of peghead 0.5"

13.875" scale length. Inside heel not included.
Includes 1 1/8" cap screw, Belleville washer, and Allen wrench.

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