"Just letting you know the order arrived and everything looks to be correct and all good. I also found that you found the perfect length Macassar Ebony fretboard blank for my “outside of the box” acoustic project, it also has amazing striping throughout, all as per my request, thanks heaps for doing that! It looks incredible! Thanks heaps for the great service again!

Kind regards, Steve

Honduran Mahogany Neck Blanks

Swietenia macrophylla

Honduran Mahogany has been the preferred wood for steel string guitar necks for many years. It is listed on CITES and due to its relative scarcity, finding quality, quartersawn stock has grown difficult. Trees are smaller, resulting in far less quartersawn material and/or material that is quartersawn running to off-quarter or flatsawn. 

  • Premium grade mahogany necks are straight-grained, quartersawn with 10° off quarter allowed. (See figure 1)

  • First-grade mahogany necks are straight-grained, quartersawn with 25° off quarter allowed. (See figure 2)

  • Second-grade mahogany necks may have one of the following: small knots or pinholes that will not affect the integrity of the neck, off quarter as much as 50% (45°) or the grain will not be perfectly straight or there might be unevenness of color.

**Note: The longer a neck blank is, the more difficult it becomes to maintain straight grain along the entire piece. We attempt to maintain straight grain along our 35-inch necks for at least 24 inches after which the grain may veer slightly off the board.

Honduran Mahogany is shipped in U.S. only
Due to the CITES export restrictions on Honduran Mahogany, we are unable to ship this wood outside of the United States. See CITES website.

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