“I recently purchased a beautiful fingerboard from you and now I am thinking of grabbing fretwire from you as well. Unfortunately I'm cheap and lazy and find myself here asking if it is possible to pay more to have your fretwire radiused before it is sent? You guys would be the coolest ever. No matter what the outcome, I will be sending more business your way from here in Maine. Hoping for good news! Thank you!"

Honduran Mahogany Neck Blanks

NECKSblankMahoganyHonduran600Swietenia macrophylla

Our Honduran Mahogany neck blanks are known for their consistent density, homogenous grain, and excellent stability and workability. It has been the preferred wood for steel string guitar necks for many years. However, due to its scarcity, finding quality stock has grown more difficult.

Honduran Mahogany is shipped in U.S. only
Due to the declining availability of Honduran Mahogany, we are restricted from shipping this wood outside of the United States.

Note: The longer a neck blank is, the more difficult it becomes to maintain straight grain along the entire piece. We attempt to maintain straight grain along our 35 inch necks for at least 24 inches after which the grain may veer slightly off the board.

• Parts for added heels and heel blocks can be found under Various Heel Blocks.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each 4+  
NKHM2243 Neck blank, Hond. Mahogany, 2nd grade, 24" long
Yes $25.19 $22.42
WNMAH1S Neck blank, Hond. Mahogany, 31” long, thin
Yes $99.27 N/A
WNHMH342 Neck blank, Hond. Mahog., 2nd grade, 34" long
Yes $35.68 $31.76
WNHMHLG2 Neck blank, Hond. Mahogany, 2nd grade, 35" long
Yes $29.38 $26.15
WNHMHL2 Neck blank, Hond. Mahogany, 2nd grade, 30" long
Yes $31.49 $28.02

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