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 - John Dixon, Canada

Kerfing Clamps

10 pack of kerfing clamps.

Click image to see more clamps in use.

Joel Nowland of Nowland guitars designed these deceptively simple clamps are absolutely perfect for quickly and easily clamping the kerfing to the sides. Made of attractive hardwoods, each clamp provides the perfect amount of pressure to the kerfing. Clamp too tight and the joint will be "starved", too weak and the joint is weak. These clamps are designed to offer two points of nearly equal pressure onto the kerfing (the typical "clothes pin clamps" provide only one point of pressure, causing the pressure on the kerfing to be lopsided) and work well with any of our kerfing, including the hard to clamp triangular kerfing (see photo). Sold in a bag of 10. Typically you need one clamp for every inch of kerfing.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
CLKC Nowland kerfing clamps, bag of 10 Yes $15.70
CLKCR10 Replacement rubber bands for CLKC clamps, pack of 10 Yes $1.25