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Ebony Fingerboards, East Indian

  FINGERBOARDSIndianEbony1stgrade300 FINGERBOARDSIndianEbonyStriped300 FINGERBOARDSIndianEbony2ndgrade300
  1st grade Ebony Striped Ebony 2nd grade 
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  NOTE: Boards designated steel string will accommodate a standard steel string guitar, but have defects outside the pattern area. These are not appropriate for classical guitars.

Diospyros ebenum

Indian Ebony is less plentiful than West African Ebony and so you are less likely to find it in the market place, though it is commonly used for violin and other bowed instrument fittings. The wood is about 8% lower in weight than African Ebony, but has equal (excellent) compression strength and is similarly stable. We are assured of responsible harvest practices with third party oversight. Because we have not carried it long, we are not certain that the supply of this fine wood will be steady in the future.

Indian Ebony is notorious for its mineral spots and our fingerboards are no exception. These spots are easy to camouflage. We recommend using one of the following products to darken your fingerboards:  

See Ebony before & after darkening.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each 3+  
FBIE1STD Classical fingerboard, E. Indian Ebony, 1st grade
No $22.80 $20.29
FBIE2STDTH Classical fingerboard, E. Indian Ebony, 2nd grade, 1/4" thick
Yes $18.01 $16.03
FBIE1ELTH Steel String/Electric fingerboard, E. Indian Ebony, 1st grade, 1/4" thick
No $21.66 $19.28
FBIE1MU Mando/uke fingerboard, E. Indian Ebony, 1st grade
Yes $10.26 $9.13
FBIE2MU Mando/uke fingerboard, E. Indian Ebony, 2nd grade
Yes $8.11 $7.21

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