Just wanted to say that the quality of all the products LMI has sent me is awesome!

I was shocked at the outstanding quality of the wood sent with my kit. All the wood in my kit is stunning! I can't wait to work on this project.  The quality of the services is top notch and the tools I bought from LMI are top grade.

I am glad LMI sets a high standard in quality all around. I look forward to this project and many more knowing that a place like LMI exists with these standards.

I work in a manufacturing environment so I know the work it takes to keep such a high standard. I know LMI couldn't do it without having good people doing the daily grind. Please let your co-workers and shop staff know that I said thanks for the work they do.

I hope LMI continues this tradition of high quality, it can be hard to find a place that values a high standard.

Great job
and thanks!

Birdseye Maple Fingerboards

Tempered birdseye Maple

Good Birdseye Maple is hard to come by, but we have been getting some really excellent boards lately -some with subtle quilt like figure in addition to the Birdseye figure (ask about availability). Far more stable than flamed Maple, these are the only way to go if you want to dress up a Fender style electric.

“Tempered”, “Roasted”, “baked” or 'cooked' woods are exposed to temperatures of 350° to 425° Fahrenheit (about 180°-220° Celsius). They are "cooked" in a vacuum chamber so that there is no flame or burning. The process is called 'torrefaction'. There are number of positive results with tempered wood including a darker color, greater stability, feel, and tone.

NOTE: Unfortunately we are unable to radius Birdseye Maple fingerboards. We use a shaper/molder type tool to radius our boards and the grain of Birdseye Maple tears out when attempting to radius it. Our radius blocks , SRP1620 or SRP1012, work well for this task.

Birdseye Maple
(not tempered)


Individual fingerboard sizes will show
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SKU Product Name In Stock Each 3+  
FBBEELSGTM Steel Str./Elec. fingerboard, tempered birdseye Maple, strong figure
Yes $27.95 $24.88
FBBEELGDTM Steel Str./Elec. fingerboard, tempered birdseye Maple, good figure
Yes $22.08 $19.65
FBBEELGD Steel Str./Elec. fingerboard, birdseye Maple, good figure
Yes $19.87 $17.68
FBBEELSB Steel Str./Elec. fingerboard, birdseye Maple, subtle figure
Yes $15.70 $13.97
FBBE4STRGD Bass fingerboard, birdseye Maple, good figure
Yes $25.83 $22.99
FBBE4STRSB Bass fingerboard, birdseye Maple, subtle figure
Yes $20.41 $18.16
FBBE6STRSB 6-string bass fingerboard, birdseye Maple, subtle figures
Yes $23.55 $20.96