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- I.T. Japan

Cocobolo Electric Tops

USonlyLarge300Dalbergia retusa

Cocobolo Rosewood grows in southern Mexico and Central America. It's a beautiful wood, which when freshly cut shows bright yellow and orange-red colors. Over time it mellows to a rich brown-red color with black streaks. It is probably as close to Brazilian Rosewood in beauty and tonal qualities as any wood.

Cocobolo is heavier than most other Rosewoods we offer, which may contribute to its strong tone. Because it is usually oily it can sometimes be difficult to glue. Use either our FGOT12 Oak and Teak Epoxy or the FGX wood glue. Wipe the gluing surface with acetone and glue up as soon as the acetone has evaporated (usually a minute or two). Cocobolo also has excellent machining properties and can be worked well with a scraper, which will help keep dust down. Since some people have allergies to this wood it is recommended that you wear a mask or respirator when sanding.

Drop top, Cocobolo, .230" thick

EDTCB1001 -  $145.00

Drop top, Cocobolo, 1/4"

EDTCB1005 -  $150.00

Drop top, Cocobolo, 1/4"

EDTCB1007 -  $150.00

Drop top, Cocobolo, 1/4"

EDTCB1009 -  $165.00

Drop top, Cocobolo, 1/4"

EDTCB1010 -  $170.00

Drop top, Cocobolo, 1/4"

EDTCB1012 -  $150.00