“I received my order today and I just wanted to tell you thanks. The wood is exactly what I wanted, absolutely beautiful, the packaging was great and I'm looking forward to buying more from you. I've purchased tonewoods from other vendors and ebay before, but even the best from them doesn't compare to the quality and value of what I bought from you. Thanks again!”

- D. E.



Cordia dodecandra

Ziricote is most striking in appearance, similar to Brazilian Rosewood but in shades of greys and olive greens with black rather than reds with black. Heavier than most Rosewoods, it works somewhat like Ebony, and tends to be brittle, but what it lacks in workability it more than makes up for in tonality. It is used by Goodall Guitars and Breedlove Guitars for some of their finest models and has been used by a number of discriminating classical and steel string builders such as Mark Blanchard, Michael Bashkin and Gerald Sheppard.

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B&S, Ziricote, steel string

WZIROKD003 -  $370.00

B&S, Ziricote, OM/classical

WZIROKOM006 -  $275.00

B&S, Ziricote, classical

WZIRSPEC003 -  $310.00

B&S, Ziricote, classical

WZIRSPEC004 -  $320.00

B&S, Ziricote, classical

WZIRSPEC008 -  $330.00

B&S, Ziricote, classical

WZIRSPEC009 -  $280.00

B&S, Ziricote, classical

WZIRSPEC010 -  $270.00

B&S, Ziricote, classical

WZIRSPEC011 -  $270.00

B&S, Ziricote, classical

WZIRSPEC012 -  $270.00