“I just wanted drop you guys a thank you note. I ordered a khaya back/sides set and some brace wood from you folks and had it on my front porch within three days. The wood is beautiful, the price was fair, and your service is most impressive. Thanks!"

Steve - Glendora, CA


Most of the exotic woods coming from Mexico (Cocobolo, Palo Escrito, Ziricote) are now strictly regulated by the Mexican government. More importantly, there is strong evidence that nearly all of what we see entering the United States now are poached and/or illegally exported. We have examined supply chain paperwork from several new importers claiming a "clean paper-trail" and have found them to be deeply suspicious. For this reason, we are culling through our remaining stocks of these woods and offering them here for sale, even when the match between back and sides are far from perfect. Each set is pictured individually for your evaluation, so you can be the judge!


BSZiricoteBlanchardGuitars600bCordia dodecandra

Ziricote is most striking in appearance, similar to Brazilian Rosewood but in shades of greys and olive greens with black rather than reds with black. Heavier than most Rosewoods, it works somewhat like Ebony, and tends to be brittle, but what it lacks in workability it more than makes up for in tonality. It is used by Goodall Guitars and Breedlove Guitars for some of their finest models and has been used by a number of discriminating classical and steel string builders such as Mark Blanchard, Michael Bashkin and Gerald Sheppard.

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Because these sets are one-of-a-kind, they cannot be reserved.  Once a set is purchased, it will disappear from the page. If a set was already put in another persons cart, they will not be able to check out until they remove it.

B&S, Ziricote, classical

BSZR1SS018 -  $300.00

B&S, Ziricote, classical

BSZR1SS031 -  $260.00

B&S, Ziricote, classical

BSZR1SS033 -  $260.00

B&S, Ziricote, classical

BSZR1SS037 -  $290.00