Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that the Koa (B&S&T) is some of the finest, most beautiful, wood I have seen. (and I've been a woodworker for over 40 years). This is going to become an incredible guitar!!  




Microberlina Brazzavillensis

We have carried small stocks of this wood in the past. We now have full stocks and recommend Zebrawood as a more boldly colored alternative to Indian Rosewood. With about the same density, workability and resonance as Indian Rosewood, it is evenly striped overall with small alternating bands of gold-tan and dark brown.

Click here to see a Zebrawood guitar by Neal Van Slett.

B & S, Zebrawood, steel string

BSZWSS005 -  $107.57

B & S, Zebrawood, steel string

BSZWSS006 -  $107.57

B & S, Zebrawood, classical/OM/000

BSZWCL001 -  $107.57

B & S, Zebrawood, classica only

BSZWNS001 -  $107.57