I recently ordered a couple of Bearclaw Sitka guitar tops and I wanted to let you know that not only did they arrive safe and sound but they are beautiful. Amazing figure! Having been less than satisfied with some wood suppliers over the years it's comforting to know that LMII has consistently come across in both quality and integrity. I never have to worry and that's a wonderful thing!

Thanks again,
Marc Beneteau


Aspidosperma macrocarpon

Pumaquiro is sometimes called Andean Cherry. A true rarity, this tonewood from deepest, darkest Peru it is visually reminiscent of Sapele with striking, ribbon figure and a complex reddish brown color. It's typically a little lighter in color than Sapele -and less porous. The main difference though is Pumaquiro's tap tone, which, despite the wood's light weight is loud, bright and responsive.

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B & S, Pumaquiro, steel string

BSPUSS001 -  $90.67

B & S, Pumaquiro, steel string

BSPUSS002 -  $90.67

B & S, Pumaquiro, steel string

BSPUSS005 -  $90.67

B & S, Pumaquiro, steel string

BSPUSS007 -  $90.67

B & S, Pumaquiro, steel string

BSPUSS011 -  $90.67