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Maple, Bigleaf

Acer macrophyllum

Though demands from a variety of industries can make it difficult for us to regularly stock, Bigleaf Maple should certainly be considered a well-tested 'staple' choice for back and side woods. Among the most decadently figured woods, it's use on large guitars, such as the Gibson J-200, is well known. It's popularity there is likely the result of it's characterization as a bright sounding tonewood (which could balance the boominess of a large body). However, many skilled builders have found it to more versatile, providing firm sonic support for variety of different instruments.

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B&S, Bigleaf, flamed, steel string

BSMPSSFLPR003 -  $195.00

B&S, Bigleaf, flamed, steel string

BSMPSSFLPR004 -  $195.00

B&S, Bigleaf, flamed, classical

BSMPCLFLPR001 -  $185.25

B&S, Bigleaf, flamed, steel string

BSMPSSFLSG004 -  $154.05

B&S, Bigleaf, flamed, steel string

BSMPSSFLSG005 -  $154.05

B&S, Bigleaf, flamed, steel string

BSMPSSFLSG006 -  $154.05

B&S, Bigleaf, flamed, steel string

BSMPSSFLSG008 -  $154.05

B&S, Bigleaf, flamed, classical

BSMPCLFLSG001 -  $146.35

B&S, Bigleaf, quilt, steel string

BSMPSSQ002 -  $235.00