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Koa is becoming scarcer and
more expensive everyday.

Black Acacia is closely related to Koa
and we have some beautiful sets.

Check out our Black Acacia.

Strong Flame Koa, WKF

Acacia Koa

Hawaiian Koa is easily one of the most sought after tonewoods available, with colors ranging from brown to gold with rich and varying grain. Koa looks as exotic as the region it's from. With an open pore structure like Mahogany, it needs to be filled, but works well in all respects with the usual care taken for curly figure.

Curl or flame has been exhibited in Koa trees less than 20 years old and these trees grow fast. Instrument size and grade wood is rare because most of the old growth has been cut down. Luckily, Hawaiians are making an effort to plant Koa along with other native trees to help assure they will be available in the future. But until then, good wood is scarce and the rising prices reflect that. Still, we get the best available.

Grading is based primarily on the amount of figure within the pattern area. We grade the backs and match the sides to the backs after, so the figure on the sides may be slightly greater or weaker than the backs, but will be a good color match. Figure may be tight or broad (we do not grade higher for tight curl).

  • See photo of Koa with subtle flame figure (WK1).
  • On occasion we have Koa sets with slight cosmetic flaws (WKFCOS). Click email symbol below to be notified when a set becomes available.

See a Koa guitar by Brad Davis.

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