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Premium Higuerilla 1st grade Higuerilla

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Micandra spruceana

Higuerilla (HEE-gwair-EE-ah), from Peru, reminds us tonally of Palo Escrito (the Rosewood from Mexico known for making great sounding instruments), with a bold glassy tap tone that belies the low weight of the wood. The color is a rich, firebrick red with salmon overtones and all sets feature interesting dark line figure unlike any of the other woods we presently stock. Sapwood centers are not uncommon (let us know if you prefer sapwood or not). The sapwood is strong and stable with a light-beige color, so there is no jarring contrast, and it looks great on the sides. We are pleased to report that this fine wood is harvested with great care for the species, it’s environment and the Peruvian communities that helped bring it to market.

Our second grade sets have more sapwood on the sides then most people are accustomed to (over 50%) and may have some easily filled, small voids. A great value for such a great sounding, eye catching tonewood!

Higuerilla tends to have a lot of springback after bending. For this reason, we are not currently bending Higuerilla in our shop as the springback will be too severe by the time it is received by the builder. We recommend that you run your Higuerilla sets through two bending cycles, with a cooling period between cycles and then let the wood cool completely before removing it from your bender. The sides should be transferred immediately to a construction mold. When bending Higuerilla, we recommend you thin the sides to .080" and bend it dry or only very slightly moist.

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