“I'm doing some wood binding today, and I pulled out a few pieces of curly maple I've had for a while that I bought from you. It never ceases to amaze me how LMI, above all my other suppliers, just consistently gives me materials that never fail to surpass my expectations. No matter what any picture on your site looks like, whatever I get is always better. Really appreciate it. I know that you supply many other people far beyond my volume and talent, but I am definitely a customer for life!"

Cuban Mahogany

BSCubanMahoganyStrongFlameBSSMSSFLSG600 BSCubanMahoganyGoodFlameBSSMCLFLGD600 BSCubanMahoganySubtleFlameBSSMSSFLSB600
Strong flame Cuban Mahogany  Good flame Cuban Mahogany Subtle flame Cuban Mahogany

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Swietenia mahagoni

Those who treasure Mahogany as a back and side wood find more of what they are looking for in Cuban Mahogany. Unlike Khaya and Sapele, Cuban (Swietenia mahagoni) is a close cousin to the so-called 'Genuine' Honduran Mahogany which is a staple in guitar making. Slightly more dense and less porous, builders and musicians find fuller mids and more prounounced low end tones with Cuban Mahogany. Cosmetically, it is similar to Honduran with the notable addition of beautiful, tight flame figure in the material we are selling now. Supplies are limited and we see no more material on the horizon right now, so if you are interested in this rare and coveted wood you had better act fast!

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
BSSMSSFLGD B&S Cuban Mahogany, good flame, steel string
No $200.25
BSSMCLFLGD B&S Cuban Mahogany, good flame, classical
Yes $200.25
BSSMSSFLSB B&S Cuban Mahogany, subtle flame, steel string
No $178.22
BSSMCLFLSB B&S Cuban Mahogany, subtle flame, classical
No $178.22