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I have been impressed with the quality of the items I've received (especially the fretboards). You've been very helpful with some unusual builds (the suggestion to order a bass fretboard slotted from both ends for two short-scale necks was brilliant). I was very surprised at how quickly I received an order of custom-length truss rods. You have a very happy customer."

Bloodwood, striped

BSBloodwoodbyGregMaxwellDogwoodGuitarsBSRW1SSST575Brosimum rubescens

Bloodwood is a remarkably dense wood (about as dense as the harder Honduran/Brazilian Rosewoods) and is well suited for backs and sides, as well as fingerboards and bridge blanks. Striped Bloodwood exhibits dramatic marbled figure with blonde coloration weaving through the red. If we have it, the 2nd grade striped Bloodwood has no less figure than the first grade but might have a small, solid knot or blemish or the sides may not be a perfect match to the back (they’re close though).


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