Hello! My first-ever order arrived today. I had ordered some wood items and they are GORGEOUS! Smooth, perfectly flat!, and the woods themselves - with each one I pulled out, I just kept saying, WOW!, *WOW*!!!, over and over.  And thank you so much for the beautiful piece of East Indian Rosewood - it was described as "2nd grade" I believe, and I asked for a reddish color if possible, and I think this piece is absolutely stunning! These really exceeded my expectations! Thank you!"

 -Kris from Texas

Black Limba

Terminalia superba

Black Limba is a West African species that falls tonally somewhere between Mahogany and Indian Rosewood. The color is light with black/brown streaks running through it. Limba is an easy to work wood that is somewhat porous, so we recommend filling it to achieve a smooth finish. These sets frequently have small wormholes, but they are easy to fill and virtually invisible under finish. 

B&S, Black Limba, steel string

BSLISS009 -  $75.95

B&S, Black Limba, steel string

BSLISS013 -  $85.95

B&S, Black Limba, classical only

BSLINS002 -  $80.95

B&S, Black Limba, classical only

BSLINS003 -  $80.95

B&S, Black Limba, classical only

BSLINS004 -  $80.95