“I just wanted drop you guys a thank you note. I ordered a khaya back/sides set and some brace wood from you folks and had it on my front porch within three days. The wood is beautiful, the price was fair, and your service is most impressive. Thanks!"

Steve - Glendora, CA

B & S, Cuban Mahogany, flamed, sopra...Inlay material, African Ebony, 7 7/8&quo...

Ebony replacement buttons, Grover style


  • TUNERSGotohEbonyReplacementButtonsGRKE450bSet of 6 buttons
  • Screws not included

The Grover/oval replacement buttons do not need new screws, as the existing screws on your tuner can be reused. If you prefer to use a different color screw, be sure to order either the GSC, GSG or GSB screw set to complement the button you are purchasing.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each 3+  
GRKE Ebony replacement buttons, Grover style Yes $10.45 $9.29