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Gotoh® Slot-Head Tuners

TUNERGotohSlotVintageGGMKSLOTN500  TUNERSGotohSlotheadI3onplateGGSR500 GotohGNBSLOTtuner 
 Vintage-style slot-head tuners  3-on-plate slot-head tuners  Open Gear slot-head tuners

 Guitars with slotted heads have become more popular in the last few years, especially in 12 fret/parlor-style models. Many builders have found that there are only very expensive or economy level tuning machines available. We hope to fill this void with our line of moderately priced slot-head tuners.

  • The Vintage-style slot-head tuning machines, available in nickel, have a 15:1 gear ratio and are sold in sets of 6 (3L/3R), unless otherwise noted. Screws and bushings are included.
  • The 3-on-a-plate slot-head tuning machines are very nice looking and have a sure, smooth action. The plate is matte gold and is nicely engraved. The buttons are an attractive ivoroid. These tuners have a 14:1 gear ratio. Screws and bushings are included.
  • The Open Gear slot-head tuning machines are individual machines. They have brass open gears and a 15:1 gear ratio. Sold in sets of 6 (3L/3R),  unless otherwise noted. Screws and bushings are included.

All of our slot-head tuners come with 12 stainless steel knurled barrel bushings. These are not strictly necessary, but we find that many of our customers prefer to use them when installing our slot-head tuners. The bushings can be easily installed by drilling a 5/16" hole in the peghead and inserting the bushing with our GBT bushing insertion tool. The inside of the bushings will accommodate a 6mm slot-head tuner shaft.

For larger photos and technical drawings, click on individual tuners, below.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each 3+  
3-on-a-plate Slot-head Tuners
GGSRGotoh, 3-on-a-plate, slot-head, gold plate, ivoroid buttons Yes $88.31 $78.60
Open Gear Slot-head Tuners
GNBSLOTGotoh, slot-head, brass open gear, nickel, nickel buttons Yes $74.56 $66.36
GGBSLOTGotoh, slot-head, brass open gear, gold, gold buttons Yes $87.26 $77.66
GGBBSLOTGotoh, slot-head, brass open gear, gold, black buttons Yes $94.52 $84.12
Vintage-style Slot-head Tuners
GGMKSLOTNGotoh, slot-head, vintage-style, nickel, nickel buttons Yes $37.99 $33.82