“I recently purchased a beautiful fingerboard from you and now I am thinking of grabbing fretwire from you as well. Unfortunately I'm cheap and lazy and find myself here asking if it is possible to pay more to have your fretwire radiused before it is sent? You guys would be the coolest ever. No matter what the outcome, I will be sending more business your way from here in Maine. Hoping for good news! Thank you!"

Gotoh® Ukulele Tuners

Gotoh geared ukulele tuners, GUGB

Gotoh friction pegs, GUAGB and GUBNB

Gotoh Stealth tuners, GSUCBK and GSUG.

The Gotoh geared ukulele tuners we carry were recommended to us by Dave Sigman of Little River Ukuleles. The gears allow for more accurate tuning and they prevent the slippage that occurs occasionally in friction tuners. The post is adjustable with a range of 6.8mm (Allen wrench and instructions included). Gear ratio: 15:1.

Gotoh’s traditional planetary-style tuners for ukuleles
are available at two price points:

  • The deluxe model tuners are gold or nickel-plated for minimal wear.  Their unique built-in bushing and toothed contact surfaces (and corresponding mechanism) eliminate the reverse motion that are common to planetary type tuners, offering superior tuning accuracy and smooth action.

  • The economy model is attractive, consistent and a fantastic value.

Both the deluxe and economy models have a 1:1 gear ratio with an 8mm post hole required. Screws and bushings are included.

Gotoh’s Stealth tuners weigh in at just 11.9 grams making them fantastic for ukuleles. They screw into the face of your peghead - no shaft hole drilling necessary!
The gear ratio is 18:1 with micro worm gear inside for super-smooth tuning despite their small size.



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SKU Product Name In Stock Each 3+  
Gotoh Ukulele Open Gear
GUGBGotoh open gear, gold, black button, 4 pack
Yes $72.30 $64.34
GUNBGotoh open gear, nickel, black button, 4 pack
Yes $59.02 $52.53
Gotoh Ukulele Friction Pegs
GUAGBGotoh friction peg, gold, black button, 4 pack
Yes $56.65 N/A
GUANBGotoh friction peg, nickel, black button, 4 pack
Yes $53.24 N/A
GUBGBGotoh economy friction peg, gold, black button, 4 pack
Yes $21.49 N/A
GUBNBGotoh economy friction peg, nickel, black button, 4 pack
Yes $15.82 N/A
Gotoh Ukulele Stealth Tuners
GSUCBKGotoh Stealth, cosmo black, 2L/2R
Yes $102.01 N/A
GSUGGotoh Stealth. gold, 2L/2R
Yes $102.01 N/A