Bed time... I don't think so. Not when you have the new LMI plunge Dremel base and a curly mahogany set that needs a sound port. I Love it. That was my first try at it. It knock off bout 15-20min of work! I knew exactly what I needed if for when you told me you had some with you at the GAL. I love that base and the light attachment is beyond perfect!

Dave VanderWeele

Pultruded Carbon Rods



Harry Fleishman suggested we carry these pultruded carbon tubes for neck reinforcement. He uses two in each neck adjacent to a truss rod. Because they are tubes, they install easily when routing with a ball-nose bit. Two passes with a 1/4" bit may be required as these measure .254". A hacksaw can be used to cut the tubes to length. They are available in two sizes, .254" (75 grams/inch) and .375"(1.08 grams/inch).

SKU Product Name In Stock Each 3+  
GRT8 Pultruded carbon rod, .254" diam., 18" long Yes $4.46 $3.94
GRBT8 Pultruded carbon rod, .254" diam., 24" long Yes $5.93 $5.30
GRBT9 Pultruded carbon rod, .375" diam., 24" long Yes $7.72 $6.88