“Great service! 
I have been impressed with the quality of the items I've received (especially the fretboards). You've been very helpful with some unusual builds (the suggestion to order a bass fretboard slotted from both ends for two short-scale necks was brilliant). I was very surprised at how quickly I received an order of custom-length truss rods. You have a very happy customer."

Pultruded Carbon Rods



Harry Fleishman suggested we carry these pultruded carbon tubes for neck reinforcement. He uses two in each neck adjacent to a truss rod. Because they are tubes, they install easily when routing with a ball-nose bit. Two passes with a 1/4" bit may be required as these measure .254". A hacksaw can be used to cut the tubes to length. They are available in two sizes, .254" (75 grams/inch) and .375"(1.08 grams/inch).

SKU Product Name In Stock Each 3+  
GRT8 Pultruded carbon rod, .254" diam., 18" long Yes $4.82 $4.29
GRBT8 Pultruded carbon rod, .254" diam., 24" long Yes $6.40 $5.70
GRBT9 Pultruded carbon rod, .375" diam., 24" long Yes $8.34 $7.42