I've been buying products from LMI since the 70's, long before the web was around. 
The selection and quality has always been superior, and the pricing reasonable! There are other places I can go to buy materials, but none that I trust as much...

Allan Harrington

DR™ Handmade Strings


DR™ handmade strings are the only guitar strings made in America, one at a time. DR™ uses a careful process that keeps the core wire under high tension equal to, or greater than the string tension at concert pitch. They're made with very high pressure while holding the wrap material by hand—the core material does not have to be soft to avoid breakage on high speed machinery. This actually means that more metal is compressed into the string than with equivalent strings from other manufacturers. The DR™ .042" string contains more metal than a comparable .044".

SKU Product Name In Stock Each 3+  
STDRT DR, Electric set, compression-wound, nickel-plated
Yes $8.93 $7.93
STDRP DR, acoustic stress-free phosphor, bright and sweet
Yes $9.40 $8.37
STDRPB DR, rare phosphor bronze, loud, warm, and fat (best materials)
Yes $10.13 $9.03
STDRZ DR, zebra strings, great for acoustic-electric applications
Yes $10.13 $9.02