"Just received my latest classical guitar kit. I had a couple of requests for wood selection, and you did a great job in selecting on both counts,
In addition, all the wood was great quality - this was an expensive kit, but your product made it a very good value to me.

Thanks for the great work!"


D’Addario Strings


World-famous for their distinctive bright tone,XL round wound strings deliver excellent magentic output while providing a smooth, comfortable surface that reduces premature fret wear. Nickelplated steel wire is precisely wound onto a nex core using D'Addario's exclusive computer-controlled machines, which monitor wrap speed and tension. The result is strings with precise intonation and unparalleled consistency, set after set.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
STDRL D’Addario Electric, regular light gauge
Yes $5.24
STDSL D’Addario Electric, super light gauge
Yes $5.24