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- I.T. Japan

Humbucking Pickups, Economy

ELECTRICPICKUPSHumbuckEHBBwideThese pickups offer a warm moderate output. They are clean and articulate with good note separation, harmonics and sustain. They work well for a variety of musical genres and playing styles. Springs and screws are included.

Color codes for economy humbucking pickups:

  • Screw coil (adjustable coil):
    Black wire is the start, green wire is the finish.
  • Slug coil (non-adjustable):
    White wire is the start and the red wire is the end.

Standard (series) Wiring:
Solder the red and green leads together, the black wire is the ground and white wire is the hot lead.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
EHBBB Pickup, bridge humbucker, black, economy
Yes $25.87
EHBBN Pickup, neck humbucker, black, economy
Yes $25.87