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Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend

PICKUPAcousticFishmanEllipseMatrixBlendWideELW450Combining the very best of Fishman's popular Acoustic Matrix undersaddle pickup and proprietary Ellipse blending system, the Ellipse Matrix Blend produces exceptional amplified tone and installs without any major modifications or cosmetic defects to the instrument. We offer the Ellipse Matrix Blend pickup in a choice of wide or narrow pickup formats. The system is complemented with a high-quality flexible gooseneck condenser mini-microphone to provide enhanced tonal reproduction through blending. Most importantly, the Ellipse Matrix Blend can be discreetly mounted inside the instrument's soundhole for quick, easy access in a way that is virtually "transparent" to its appearance.

The Ellipse Matrix Blend system includes Volume and Blend controls with Phase Switch and Microphone Trim. A special switchable Natural I/Natural II bass boost enhances low-end response for smaller sized concert, auditorium and nylon string classical guitars.

This pickup features solder-free installation, an endpin jack, and 9-Volt battery operation. It accommodates most round soundholes from 3.875 inches to 4.125 inches in diameter.

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ELN Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend pickup, narrow Yes $259.15
ELW Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend pickup, wide Yes $259.15