I recently ordered a couple of Bearclaw Sitka guitar tops and I wanted to let you know that not only did they arrive safe and sound but they are beautiful. Amazing figure! Having been less than satisfied with some wood suppliers over the years it's comforting to know that LMII has consistently come across in both quality and integrity. I never have to worry and that's a wonderful thing!

Thanks again,
Marc Beneteau

Dazzo Acoustic Pickup


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 Adhesive is not included.

With the trend in acoustic guitar amplification moving away from under the saddle pickups to soundboard transducers, we were delighted to make the acquaintance of Teddy Rendazzo Jr. His innovative Dazzo pickups take the quest for pure amplified acoustic tone a giant step forward in the direction previously traveled by FRAP, Tranceaudio, K&K and others.

The Dazzo moves beyond these renowned pickups in several profound ways. A patent was granted for the Dazzo’s unique ability to hear all around it, not just what is beneath it, allowing the various components of the instrument to contribute to a uniquely rich, complex audio signal without inviting feedback.

Unlike many transducers, the Dazzo’s two, small triangular elements are super light-weight, so they will not hamper the vibration of the soundboard. For this reason, Teddy recommends using a quality outboard preamp with a 10 Mega-Ohms input impedance (LMI does not carry) in order to minimize the amount of gear installed inside the instrument. Another good idea is to use the LR Baggs Para Acoustic D.I. (EPBAGP).

Find out for yourself why so much excitement has been directed toward the Dazzo in west coast high-end repair shops like Gryphon, Schoenberg, Brauer, McCabe’s, and Asher!

Installation of the Dazzo pickup is a breeze!
See the easy to follow installation instructions at right. Multiple Dazzo pickups can be installed onto the same instrument with no phase cancellation, so they can be easily wired for stereo or mono use. Included with each pickup is a special tool to aid in positioning the transducers.