“I keep meaning to send an email and let you know that I got the prem. Indian Rosewood and was very pleased. You all at LMII have always given me great reason for trust in doing business with you. You have always treated me well and in a prompt and professional fashion. You have always helped with any problems that I might. have. Your staff is knowledgeable and professional and the materials have been great. You guys run the type of business that makes me look for things I need that I can get from you. If that doesn't work (look for things I might need in the future). Thank you for giving me a place where I can buy my materials with confidence.”

Michael M.

Pickguard Material

Tor-tis™ pickguard on a guitar by Mark Geiger.
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In addition to our line of standard replacement pickguards, LMI is proud to offer the outstanding Tor-tis™ line of pickguards. Developed by luthier John Greven, these pickguards accurately recreate the beautiful, old tortoise pickguards of yore. We also carry a new, less expensive alternative to the Tor-tis™ line with similar patterns (PGTSLT and MPGTB).

Under pickguard sheets you will also find transparent pickguard material and flamenco tap plates.