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Shell Slab

Green abalone slab White MOP slab Gold MOP slab Black MOP slab

Slab or solid shell
is pure shell material. It is cut straight from the curved inside surface of the shell, then sanded flat.
This has been the traditional material for inlay until the advent of "Abalam". Slab is sold by the ounce.

NOTE: Due to United States Fish and Wildlife Restrictions, we are unable to ship shell outside the U.S.A.

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SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
GA40 Abalone slab, green, .040" thick, 1 oz.
Yes $67.19
WP501 MOP slab, white, .050" thick, 1 oz.
Yes $36.18
WP601 MOP slab, white, .060" thick, 1 oz.
Yes $39.92
WP60LG MOP slab, white, .060" thick, larger pieces, 1 oz.
Yes $47.35
GP50 MOP slab, gold, .050" thick, 1 oz.
Yes $29.76
BP501 MOP slab, black, .050" thick, 1 oz.
Yes $60.05
BP50-LG MOP slab, black, .050" thick, larger pieces, 1 oz.
Yes $89.31