After three orders of fingerboards, and finding them to be exactly what I ordered, I felt I needed to tell everybody these people and the products they sell are excellent! They made a special effort to send my request for a specific color, it was perfect! The wood in these boards is awesome. Thank you very much for attention to my wishes.

Sincerely Jim

Abalam Sheets

Abalam sheets. Click for closeup.

"Abalam" is is a stunning inlay material, made by laminating extremely thin sections of shell in such a way as to render the entire surface of the sheet with beautiful, figured shell patterns — unlike natural shell slab pieces which varies over the surface area and depth of the piece. It is perfectly flat and is actually easier to saw into delicate patterns because of the homogeneous nature of the laminations. This is the ideal material when you need unusually large pieces or for projects where extreme figure is a must.

Advantages of "Abalam" over regular abalone shell strips:

  • More consistent and deeper color, which will not sand through.
  • Joints between pieces much less obvious or distracting.
  • Computer cutting produces totally even widths, perfect square ends.
  • Allows new types of shell to be used.
  • Breaks more evenly and in smaller segments when fitting to curved guitar edges; will not break at odd angles, as it has no fractures.
  • Huge reduction in installation time (75% or more!), at minimal additional cost.The single biggest factor in getting your shop into a decent profit margin is cutting time without sacrificing quality. 
  • Cost effective: Depending on shell type and size, cost per top and soundhole runs from $80 more to $100 less than using standard strip material.

Sheet dimensions: 2 3/16" x 4 5/8" The dimension in the item description (.04" or .06") is the thickness of the sheet.

NOTE: Due to United States Fish and Wildlife Service restrictions, we are unable to ship shell outside the U.S.A.

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SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
VPD40 Abalam, donkey shell, .040"
Yes $60.56
VPD60 Abalam, donkey shell, .060"
Yes $96.62
VPG40 Abalam, green abalone, .040"
Yes $53.58
VPG60 Abalam, green abalone, .060"
Yes $73.15
VPGS40 Abalam, green select abalone, .040"
Yes $69.63
VPGS60 Abalam, green select abalone, .060"
Yes $103.25
VPP40 Abalam, paua abalone, .040"
Yes $62.88
VPP60 Abalam, paua abalone, .060"
Yes $87.72