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Traditionally, one of the most prized methods of dressing up an article was to have it hand engraved. Engraving is a skill which takes a long time to master as well as continued practice to maintain a high level of skill. Consequently, there have always been few practitioners of the art, driving up the cost and limiting the availability of hand engraving.

Fortunately for instrument work, the materials to be engraved are relatively soft and easy to work, unlike the steel of a fine gun or the fine metals in jewelry. Pearl and abalone take engraving very nicely and the process adds a tremendous three-dimensional effect to the finished piece. With a few simple tools, almost any style and pattern of engraving can be accomplished. The techniques are simple, the tools are simple. All one needs is a little time and practice (and good instruction) to be able to create works of art with engraving.

Please Note:

HANDLE IS INCLUDED, simply attach the blade to use. 
• All engraving tools are made of high-quality HHS (high-speed steel), except the SPENLS which is made from Swiss steel.

Graver with mushroom handle



SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
SPENK Graver w/handle, knife for accents, large Yes $19.16
SPENK1 Graver w/handle, knife for accents, small Yes $21.47
SPENOG Graver w/handle, onglette for fine lines/curves Yes $18.85
SPENO Graver w/handle, oval for heavy single lines Yes $20.95
SPENLS Graver w/handle, liner for many fine parallel lines Yes $32.50
SPENH Mushroom handle (extra)
Yes $2.78
SPEF Laskin’s ”Special Blend” engraving filler Yes $7.61
BM40 The Jewelry Engravers Manual
Yes $9.95