I've been buying products from LMI since the 70's, long before the web was around. 
The selection and quality has always been superior, and the pricing reasonable! There are other places I can go to buy materials, but none that I trust as much...

Allan Harrington

Mini switch, on-on, chrome
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Mini switch, on-on, chrome


  Threaded portion height  
0.312" /  7.9mm

Mounting hole diameter
0.235" /  6.0mm

Cavity depth needed  
0.625" /  15.9mm
Conversion Table

Our on-on, ESW switches are double pole, double throw switches with long shafts and round levers. They are useful where space is limited. They can be used in phase switching, pickup selection, on-off, dual sound, triple sound, etc. 

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ESW Mini switch, on-on, chrome Yes $8.05