"....My friend and I have been building guitars in my high school woodworking class over the course of this school year. This will be the last order we place for this project, and I wanted to say that we have found your website, products, and customer service to be extremely useful. When my friend encountered some issues with bending the sides he purchased, he emailed your company to ask for advice, and, very quickly, received very helpful advice."

Mounting Hardware


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LMI carries a choice selection of quality, long lasting components for use on electric guitars. All feature either a clean chrome finish or a sexy "Cosmo black" finish, which has a metallic appearance with a subtle pearlescence. We also carry the ENPBK neck attachment plate, and the EPGSBK pickguard screws in black.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each 3+  
EJPS Jack plate, recessed Strat™-style, chrome
Yes $5.15 $4.60
EJPSCK Jack plate, recessed Strat™-style, cosmo black
Yes $7.25 $6.45
EJPL Jack plate, Les Paul™-style, chrome
Yes $5.75 $5.10
EJPLCK Jack plate, Les Paul™-style, cosmo black
Yes $6.25 $5.55
EJPC Jack plate, football style, chrome
Yes $5.50 $4.90
EJPCK Jack plate, football style, cosmo black
Yes $5.95 $5.30
ENP Neck attachment plate, Fender™-style, chrome
Yes $5.95 $5.30
ENPCK Neck attachment plate, Fender™-style, cosmo black
Yes $11.15 $9.90
ENPBK Neck attachment plate, Fender™-style, black
Yes $12.50 $11.15
ESR String retainer, chrome
Yes $2.20 $1.95
ESRCK String retainer, cosmo black
Yes $2.45 $2.20
ESMG String ferrules, chrome, for non-tremolo Strat™ and Tele™ style
Yes $0.85 $0.75
ESS Screws and springs for mounting a Humbucker pickup, set of 4
Yes $3.80 $3.40
EPGSBK Pickguard screws, #3, black, set of 6
Yes $1.75 $1.55
EPGSCS Pickguard screws, #3, chrome, set of 6
Yes $1.75 $1.55
EPGSC Pickguard screws, #5, chrome, set of 6
Yes $1.75 $1.55