"Many Thanks in advance. I have your manual slotting system and I love it! It's so easy to set up and a joy to use - awesome product. Always a pleasure to do business with you. You have exceptional products and service."

 - John Dixon, Canada

Mounting Hardware


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LMI carries a choice selection of quality, long lasting components for use on electric guitars. All feature either a clean chrome finish or a sexy "Cosmo black" finish, which has a metallic appearance with a subtle pearlescence. We also carry the ENPBK neck attachment plate, and the EPGSBK pickguard screws in black.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each 3+  
EJPS Jack plate, recessed Strat™-style, chrome
Yes $5.15 $4.60
EJPSCK Jack plate, recessed Strat™-style, cosmo black
Yes $7.25 $6.45
EJPL Jack plate, Les Paul™-style, chrome
Yes $5.75 $5.10
EJPLCK Jack plate, Les Paul™-style, cosmo black
Yes $6.25 $5.55
EJPC Jack plate, football style, chrome
Yes $5.50 $4.90
EJPCK Jack plate, football style, cosmo black
Yes $5.95 $5.30
ENP Neck attachment plate, Fender™-style, chrome
Yes $5.95 $5.30
ENPCK Neck attachment plate, Fender™-style, cosmo black
Yes $11.15 $9.90
ENPBK Neck attachment plate, Fender™-style, black
Yes $12.50 $11.15
ESR String retainer, chrome
Yes $2.20 $1.95
ESRCK String retainer, cosmo black
Yes $2.45 $2.20
ESMG String ferrules, chrome, for non-tremolo Strat™ and Tele™ style
Yes $0.85 $0.75
ESS Screws and springs for mounting a Humbucker pickup, set of 4
Yes $3.80 $3.40
EPGSBK Pickguard screws, #3, black, set of 6
Yes $1.75 $1.55
EPGSCS Pickguard screws, #3, chrome, set of 6
Yes $1.75 $1.55
EPGSC Pickguard screws, #4, chrome, set of 6
Yes $1.75 $1.55