"Just letting you know the order arrived and everything looks to be correct and all good. I also found that you found the perfect length Macassar Ebony fretboard blank for my “outside of the box” acoustic project, it also has amazing striping throughout, all as per my request, thanks heaps for doing that! It looks incredible! Thanks heaps for the great service again!

Kind regards, Steve

Schaller® Hannes Bridge


Hannes bridge in chrome and gold

This innovative high-tech guitar bridge was developed by Roland Hannes, a French inventor now living in California. Thanks to a partnership formed with Schaller Electronics, it is now available on a large scale.


  • A pioneering combination of sound properties characterized by fine high notes and quick responsiveness, with distinct, powerful and even playback.
  • Contact-friendly material and a comfortably designed, edgeless surface.
  • Non-wearing due to the lack of metallic coatings.
  • Both fresh and subdued in appearance, it further emphasizes the guitar's premium design.
  • Low-maintenance and comfortable to play

Conventional guitar bridges feed all six strings via a common carrier, the Hannes® bridge, on the other hand, feeds each string via a separate coupler unit with individually adjustable intonation and height. The bridge lies directly on the guitar surface and is free of intermediate elements such as stud screws, threaded studs or metal plates. This decouples the vibration of the individual strings from the neighboring strings (every string vibrates on its own ), allowing it to be transferred directly and independently to the guitar body. This improves the harmony response and the "string-to-string definition".

Another improvement over conventional designs is the larger contact surface over which the vibrations are carried from the bridge to the body. The couplers lie flat and stable on the guitar surface and thus ensure the optimal transfer of the entire vibration spectrum to the instrument.

The use of Teflon composite material "String Saver" reduces the vibratory mass of the bridge unit. The lower the vibratory mass, the quicker the tuning process and the lower the loss in the transfer of the sound spectrum to the instrument, from the lowest frequencies right up to the harmonics. The result is a direct, audible and tangible gain in dynamics.



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