Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that the Koa (B&S&T) is some of the finest, most beautiful, wood I have seen. (and I've been a woodworker for over 40 years). This is going to become an incredible guitar!!  



Hipshot® Bass Bridges


Hipshot A-style, 4-string bass black bridge, EBHA4B


Hipshot B-style, 5-string bass bridge, EBHB5G

See front & back views 
of  5-string A & B styles.

Hipshot® is one of the few (if not the only) companies making good bass bridges in the States, and they get our highest marks. They’re beautifully computer designed and CNC machined of aluminum in two models. 

Style “A” is offered with variable string spacing adjustment. Style “B” features solid brass barrel saddles (Fender-style), and quick release string loading. Note how the bridges boast “walls” which lend to rigidity and strength. The side-to-side saddle fit is very tight, and provides maximum support for superb tone and rattle-free performance.

Each bridge is available in .750"/19mm spacing. This is string to string spacing which is fixed on the B-style bridges but is the middle of the range of the A-style adjustable.

Below are the string spacings between the center of the 2 outside strings on each of the bridges. The minimum and maximum are given with the A-style bridges.

  • A4= .750" (19mm) 54-60mm
  • A5= .750" (19mm) 73-79mm
  • B4= .750" (19mm) 57mm
  • B5= .750" (19mm) 76mm

SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
EBHA4B A-style, 4 string, black Yes $119.88
EBHA4G A-style, 4 string, gold Yes $146.29
EBHA5C A-style, 5 string, chrome Yes $136.08
EBHA5G A-style, 5 string, gold Yes $178.96
EBHB4B B-style, 4 string, black Yes $91.80
EBHB4G B-style, 4 string, gold Yes $129.44
EBHB5C B-style, 5 string, chrome Yes $98.28
EBHB5B B-style, 5 string, black Yes $98.28
EBHB5G B-style, 5 string, gold Yes $155.14