“You guys are the best. I just received my order and literally every time i describe my specifications on how the fretboards should look you guys deliver 10/10. the two long scale indian rosewood fingerboards looks simply spectacular and the ziricote is glorious. I usually dont take the time to write these but this time I had to. Thanks for years of wonderful service guys. And if you can find the guys who helped pick my recent boards, make sure to personally tell them how happy I am."

Loyal Customer, AM

Tortoise Bindings

 PBITB – 34" long
Swirly dark amber tortoise-shell patterns

 PBITG – 59.75" long
Dark reddish brown w/amber patterning

The PBITB bindings are 34" long and exhibit the classic, swirly dark amber colors and tortoise-shell like patterns.

We also carry the PBITG binding which is 59.75" long. This is long enough to make it all the way around a normal sized instrument. The color on the PBITG is a dark reddish brown w/amber patterning.

See Tortoise binding on a Bill Asher guitar.

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SKU Product Name In Stock Each  
CBTO2 Binding, Tortoise, celluloid, .0625" thick x 1/4" tall x 34" long
Yes $5.95
CBTO1 Binding, Tortoise, celluloid, .060" thick x 1/4" tall x 59.75" long
Yes $9.81

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