“It's nice to know that
I have a good
source for quality
guitar wood as
well as guitar parts
fabrication, such as
LMI's fingerboard
slotting service. 
As I am only set up
to slot 650mm
fingerboards, you
guys have saved my
butt on making me
several odd scale
lengths recently! 
I want you to know
that I appreciate
you guys and the
wood and services
that you supply
to me, a small,
independent luthier. 
Your fine fingerboard
slotting service
saves me a lot of
time and trouble,
for which I am grateful. 

Bob Desmond

Sanding Detailer 400 grit refill pack, 5...Gotoh 510s, gold, black plastic buttons,...

The Transitional Arm Bevel by Kent Everett, DVD
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The Transitional Arm Bevel by Kent Everett, DVD

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In this DVD Everett gives a thorough explanation of how to create a transitional arm bevel on your guitar. You will enjoy learning this valuable information taken from a master class given at Everett Guitars in North Georgia. This course is designed for the intermediate to advanced guitar builder. Run time 113 minutes.


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