After three orders of fingerboards, and finding them to be exactly what I ordered, I felt I needed to tell everybody these people and the products they sell are excellent! They made a special effort to send my request for a specific color, it was perfect! The wood in these boards is awesome. Thank you very much for attention to my wishes.

Sincerely Jim

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SKU Product Name In Stock Each 6+  
FBAE1STDTH Classical fingerboard, W. African Ebony, 1st grade, 1/4" thick
Yes $18.77 N/A
TIA2ASS Top, Alpine/Italian Spruce, AA grade, steel string
Yes $86.08 N/A
NKHMCOMBO1 Neck/Heel combo, 24" neck w/ 3" x 4" x 6" heel
Yes $35.08 N/A
BBPH1CL Bridge blank, Purple Heart, classical
Yes $2.25 N/A
BBPH2CL Bridge blank, Purple Heart, classical, 2nd grade
Yes $1.50 N/A
EBHM2 Body blank, Mahogany, 1 piece, 2nd grade
Yes $116.76 N/A
BBBW1SS Steel string bridge blank, Bloodwood, 1st grade - Discounted 50% off regular price of $5.95 Yes $2.85 N/A
BBBW2SS Steel string bridge blank, Bloodwood, 2nd grade Yes $2.00 N/A
NKHM2353 Neck blank, Hond. Mahogany, 2nd grade, 35" long
Yes $22.04 N/A
HPAR1 Headplate, S.E. Asian Rosewood
Yes $3.09 $2.75
HPWE1 Headplate, Wenge
Yes $1.98 $1.76
FBAE2MU Mando/uke fingerboard, W. African Ebony, 2nd grade
Yes $4.51 N/A