I've been buying products from LMI since the 70's, long before the web was around. 
The selection and quality has always been superior, and the pricing reasonable! There are other places I can go to buy materials, but none that I trust as much...

Allan Harrington

Binding cutter & wrench, long shankPore filler, Chemcraft Neutral, 16 oz.

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Pickup, Dual calibrated Strat® set, white


ELECTRICPICKUPSRioGrandeStratEPDCSSW500This set uses maximum variety for maximum tone. The bridge pickup is beefy and hotter than any stock pickup and perfect for cutting through for a solo. The neck pickup is pure vintage and is developed from experience with the real thing. The middle is a cross between the neck and bridge and is reverse wound/reverse polarity for hum cancellation in positions 2&4. This set is a great tone upgrade.

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EPDCSSW Pickup, Dual calibrated Strat® set, white No $131.98 Discontinued