Bed time... I don't think so. Not when you have the new LMI plunge Dremel base and a curly mahogany set that needs a sound port. I Love it. That was my first try at it. It knock off bout 15-20min of work! I knew exactly what I needed if for when you told me you had some with you at the GAL. I love that base and the light attachment is beyond perfect!

Dave VanderWeele



The PL11, based on a Martin™ Herringbone, is a well-drawn plan by Don MacRostie. The prints are extra large and thorough in every detail

PL48, PL48C and PL50
are finely drawn plans by Scott Antes, a mechanical engineer who provides us with a number of the plans we sell. They are two page CAD plans with large, easy to read text and dimensions.