"I’m about 10 tops into a stack of 40 cedar tops I got from you, and whenever I want to start a new guitar, I just walk over and pick a top off the stack, and start building.
They are all that great! I don’t have to dink around with the pattern, or select the “best" one: I just start building. I love that!  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your high standards, and what a pleasure it is to do business with you!"


Exotic Guitar Picks

PICKSgroup750We carry a variety of picks for different styles of players in wood, bone and horn. Our bone and horn picks are derived from domesticated livestock destined for the table and their trade is not regulated.

Many guitar players believe that the pick is an important component of the overall tone of the instrument that is often overlooked. If you are dissatisfied with typical plastic picks, we offer some materials to experiment with, each with it's own unique tonal contribution to make. These exotic materials make a great gift or "case candy" to accompany a fine hand-made instrument.

  • HARD WOOD (Ebony and Tintul)
    Especially well suited to those play straight across the string (rather than using the surface of the pick's edge). Low flexibility coupled with a complex surface texture offers precise response but without the shrill attack of harder materials.

    A little brighter than wood, players love the fullness of tone these picks impart. Similar in "feel" to plastic, but with a bolder, more complex and nuanced sound.

  • BONE
    Of all the picks we carry the bone picks offer the brightest tone and quickest attack of the bunch. Probably the most similar to tortoise shell.

SKU Product Name In Stock Each 6+  
PICKKIT Exotic picks, combo set of all 6
Yes $21.33 N/A
PICK1 Black horn pick, 1.2mm (.047") thick
Yes $3.23 $2.87
PICK2 Ebony pick, 1.2mm (.047") thick
Yes $3.23 $2.87
PICK3 Tintul pick, 1.2mm (.047") thick
Yes $3.23 $2.87
PICK4 Black horn pick, .8mm (.031") thick
Yes $3.23 $2.87
PICK5 Bone pick, 1.2mm (.047") thick
Yes $5.39 $4.80
PICK6 Tintul carved pick
Yes $5.39 $4.80