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Purfling, black, CAB, .020" thick x...Bend binding to J-200-style (PL55 plan)

Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America




by Katheryn Marie Dudley

"A richly informative contribution to our knowledge of the predicaments and challenges of artisanship in this relentlessly high-tech and commercially unforgiving age, Dudley's beautifully written study of modern North American guitar-makers explores the intersection of the sensual, the affective, and the practical in their lives and works. Dudley tells a story that weaves together stories of coping with harsh economic realities, of intense explorations in personal self-realization, and the often trial-and-error acquisition entailed in what she astutely takes to be the craft epistemology of a demanding and specialized but often undervalued and risk-fraught profession. She thereby offers us an incisive account-historical, ethnographic, personal, and analytical in kaleidoscopic rotation-of the vicissitudes of values and the mystique of mastery"- Michael Herzfeld, Harvard University

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