“Dear Sir,
A few months ago I placed my first order with you and built my very first guitar. Ovangkol back and sides with Sitka top.
I have been a craftsman for a number of years, rebuilding antique pianos, including making new soundboards and bridges, and decided to try my hand at guitars after buying a Taylor 814ce.
The results of my first attempt were surprising, to me and to others. Since I'm a bit "old-school" I built it entirely by hand, no table saw, router, joiner etc. (I did use a drill press!). I have already received requests for custom made guitars, and from a store interested in selling them.
It really helped to find quality supplies, all in one place, so I could start this experiment - which may just turn out to be my next and final career.
Many Thanks.
ps. I have just placed a second order so I can start making a few more......”

- Jon Ballard

The Art of Lutherie




This book is intended to facilitate the beginner or advanced guitar maker in being able to better understand the guitar and it's components with the goal of optimizing the responsiveness, playability, and tonality of an instrument. If you have been reading "how-to" books that only tell you how to go through the steps of building a guitar, when what you really want to know is "Why", this book is the missing piece of the puzzle. Understanding "Why" is vital, not only so you can gain a deeper understanding of why others have developed the systems and techniques that they use, but more importantly, to empower you to make your own educated choices, and create the unique guitars that only you can. The world needs your art, your guitar, your important contribution.  

52 pages, softbound, includes DVD.

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