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Making An Archtop Guitar


Making An Archtop Guitar  2nd Edition


Making An Archtop Guitar  2nd Edition

I don’t want to mislead anyone who purchased the 1st edition into thinking the 2nd edition is a whole new approach to making the archtop guitar.  That is not the case. Overall, the text and photos have not changed. However, the 2nd edition has a fresh new layout and includes changes brought about by new material and some alternative guitar making techniques along with related photos and illustrations.

There was no need to change most of what was written in the 1st edition since it includes timeless methods of archtop guitar construction that are still in use. 

The 2nd edition includes the following updates:

Details of our newly designed side bending press.

Details on installing carbon fiber neck supports including the router fixture specs.

Optional elevated tailpiece saddle.

Enhanced illustrations throughout.

Tear-out scaled-down drawings of the body outline, which can be enlarged to full-sized working patterns that match the full-size tear-out arching templates.

Also included are scaled-down, tear-out top and back carving contour maps which also can be enlarged to full-sized working patterns. 

New 22 page color section:  The new color section includes several photos of unique instruments; some made by me in my home workshop and some made at the Savannah, Georgia facility.

Current activity with our family of Benedetto players is obvious throughout this section.  If I were a young, novice guitar maker, I would be inspired by these photos!

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