After three orders of fingerboards, and finding them to be exactly what I ordered, I felt I needed to tell everybody these people and the products they sell are excellent! They made a special effort to send my request for a specific color, it was perfect! The wood in these boards is awesome. Thank you very much for attention to my wishes.

Sincerely Jim

The Art of Tap Tuning



"Tap tuning" is the art of adjusting the tone of each physical part of an acoustic string musical instrument during construction, so that it produces an excellent tone. It is based on the premise that the structural components of an acoustic instrument contribute the the overall tone and, therefore, the structural components should be in tune with each other as well as in tune with the strings of the instrument.

While the content generally focuses on guitar and mandolin construction, the concepts derived from the book can be applied to violins, cellos, bass viols, ukuleles, mandolins, banjos and more.

Tap tuning provides for a means of building instruments that sound great and can be built with consistency, instrument after instrument.

56 pages, softbound, DVD included

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