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I have been impressed with the quality of the items I've received (especially the fretboards). You've been very helpful with some unusual builds (the suggestion to order a bass fretboard slotted from both ends for two short-scale necks was brilliant). I was very surprised at how quickly I received an order of custom-length truss rods. You have a very happy customer."

Circle Cutting Attachment


Circle Cutting Attachment with acrylic base

See attached to Rotary Plunge Tool Assembly

RTPBHWballendHexWrench350Ball end hex wrench (RTPBHW) 
The optional 5/64" ball end hex wrench, is a 
perfect tool for making fine adjustments.

This Circle Cutting Attachment (RTPBCCA) makes cutting rosette channels a simple task. It threads into the standard RTPB assembly.

  • The curved, small profile acrylic base is designed to help prevent you from running over your swarf and affecting your cut.

  • Macro and micro adjustments that allow you to creep up on your final dimensions.

  • 1/4" dowel pin is pressed in – meaning you won't have to go searching for it on your shop floor.

  • Rods are cross-drilled – meaning you can use your hex wrench to tighten the rods just the right amount when installing them on the RTPB (see photo).

  • Minimum diameter - 1.3", maximum diameter 6"

Use this with the Light Plate attachment and you'll wonder how you
ever cut rosettes before!


Rosette installation
with the LMI Plunge Base/Circle Cutter 

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RTPBCCA Circle Cutting Attachment Yes $136.03
RTPBHW Optional 5/64" ball end hex wrench for fine adjustments Yes $5.13